Company Updates

Due to high demand and future growth we are currently improving our customer service, manufacturing, and our distribution facilities and processes. Here is an update on the current progress:


Hire a new Operations Manager to ensure that our products and services exceeds your expectation. completed

Double our capacity in areas of operations that are critical to producing and shipping product; as well as create excess capacity throughout our process. completed

Increasing customer service and production staff to provide more reliable service. completed

Implementing new processes to bring our normal high quality products to you faster and easier than ever before. almost

Purchasing new technology to ensure a smooth process and delivery. getting there


We are 100% committed to meeting the standards you expect from us. We are committed to trimming our lead times and providing you with the best brands. We are committed to regaining your trust.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department about any issues or suggestions you may have (855.560.4475 option 1). Any feedback will only help us to continue becoming the world class company you expect us to be.

Thank you for your patience and continued support of our KOSS Creative Brands.


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