About Koss Creative

 Who is Koss Creative?

At Koss Creative Brands, it is our mission to create excitement and loyalty through the development and growth of our people brands. We're a company based on the values of honesty, integrity, trust, open communication, respect, passion, appreciation and gratitude. At the end of the day we want to make people smile when they pick up our products and we want to make sure our people are growing to be the best citizens.

We're grateful for everything that we have achieved and for future achievements. We have grown from a small little screen printing shop over 15 years ago to a multi-brand apparel company servicing over 1100 retailers and reaching thousands of customers. We're still rooted in South Carolina, but we've spread throughout the South and are not stopping until we create a world-wide reach.

Our brands represent everything we are thankful for in our culture and upbringing. Each has its own unique take on a lifestyle and what it represents. Fripp takes the outdoors and brings them to apparel in crafted design and looks. Lily Grace brings grace and charm to all who put on our products. Itsa Girl Thing brings fun art that allow girls to express themselves through our products. Straight Up Southern is exactly what it states: a Southern brand for those proud to be Southern. Finally, Palmetto Shirt Company is our roots. It's South Carolina designed, South Carolina printed and represents the best of our state. Our brands are designed to leave a positive impact on our customers.

Mission: Creating excitement and loyalty by growing our people and brands.
Vision: To provide the highest quality T-shirts that makes you happy.

 Koss Creative Values

Honesty: We are honest with each other and to all customers.
Trust: We trust in each other to handle the job at hand.
Gratitude: We are grateful for all that we have and all that will come in the future.
Integrity: We pride ourselves on following through with our promises.
Open Communication: We listen with open minds, without judgment and value other opinions.
Respect: We show respect for differences and treat others as peers.
Passion: We have passion for our thoughts, opinions and positions.
Appreciation: We appreciate each other and the efforts of all.

The Impact:

The Koss Creative brands are growing in popularity daily! Check out the following numbers as an overview of our impact:

Established: 1992
Brands: 6 brands
Facebook: 26,512 combined Likes
Instagram: 44,751 combined Followers
Websites: 16,491 monthly users
Customer Feedback: "I just wanted to say you area class act company, and you have earned a customer for life!"