Is Lily Grace For You?

Lily Grace

Who is Lily Grace?
We are effortless style: Inspiring young ladies to craft a carefree, confident image.

What is Lily Grace?
Currently we offer super soft,  unique, hand-drawn adult T-shirts, hats, tumblers & more. Our team of product developers, designers, and marketeers are always working on new product lines and designs to meet current trends!

Why The Bee?
Bees are social creatures. They work hard together to create something sweet and full of life! Our Lily Grace “bees” are the Queens of their own hives! They are confident, work hard, and are sweet but aren’t afraid to sting! They are passionate about a lot including portraying a carefree life.

We strive to infuse all these characteristics in the creation of our shirts and the effortless lifestyle we try to provide for our customers!

Lily Grace Display
Lilly Grace Long Sleeves
Lily Grace Left Chest

Become A Retail Partner!
You can become a retail partner today and part of the Lily Grace family! We have flexible options to fit your store needs. Display packages take up little floor space and can provide great sales. With a minimum opening order of $500, you can get Lily Grace in your store and start selling t-shirts today!


Want to partner with Koss Creative and be a Lily Grace Retailer?
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